selected writing

Everything is not Okay

Essay for PhotoBook - ‘Goodmorning’ by Editions JOJO

Models for a Suburban Art Scene : Yelahanka’s Transient Art Spaces

Home Sweet Home

Diasporic Rhizome: A site for intergenerational work
Passages issue, PIX journal

Nostalgia as Special Effects: Nihaal Faizal interviewed by Anisha Baid
BOMB Magazine

The Handicraft Image: Post-Photographic Painting on Social Media
Critical Collective

Liquid Crystal Delight : A reflection on surface,
depth and skeuomorphism in computer interface design.
Gallery Ark (to be published)

Finding Archives Where There Are None: Documenting a Displaced Existence in the Forests of Chitwan, Nepal

Ode to the Home(Screen)
Personal Paradigms issue, PIX journal

Liquid Crystal Delight
feeeels mag

Wild Life
Membrana Journal of Photography

Screen as Image - Notes on Screenshot Photography
Photo South Asia

Kheti Badi: Chinar Shah’s Photographs of her Digital Farm

Fabricating the Documentary Image: Shubham Kumar’s Negotiations with Violence and Representation

IRL - Directory of Instagram Realisms 

Final Review, G159 Signs off at its peak!
Temporary Art Review

Survivor’s Remorse - A.K Burns at the Harvard Art Museu
Afterimage Journal of Photography (Vol. 45)